Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”


I’m no good but you’re no better.

― Sophia Athena Syskakis was an amazing girl. I remember meeting her and thinking she was much younger than I was, later finding out that she was the same age as me but her disease held her back from growing like everyone else, she was fragile, we were in the fourth grade. She was extremely mature, throwing out profanity left, right, and centre. I loved it, we spent the day together. I remember our paths crossing again in the seventh grade, we’d both come with our friends to the mall and equally did not want to be there, I remember it vividly, we got some very odd stares from adults as she still did not look her age but nonetheless still throwing out profanity. Later that day we were stranded after some boy sprayed silly string in her hair and left with the rest of our friends, I stayed behind to pick the entire can of blue dollar store silly string out of her hair outside of sportcheck, she swore like a sailor, remarked how bad of friends they were, and how nice of a girl I was, we then spent all of our mutual friends 5 dollars on ice cream and once again parted ways. We met again in the 10th grade, we attended the same high school, lived different lifestyles. Sophia lived and lived well, she did everything she wanted despite her not being physically equal to everyone else. I didn’t live as grandly as she did. She was in my art class and I remember helping her with the majority of her projects, I remember sitting with her and having we play with my hair, she once pulled extensions right out of my head, I remember giving her boys phone numbers and her chickening out on me introducing her to them. I remember her hilariously inappropriate jokes and how she would say whatever she wanted to substitute teachers, she had courage. I wish I would have known she would be taken at such a young age, I wish we would have spent more time together, I have so many regrets. I’m glad she is at rest now. Today was her funeral, I didn’t expect to cry as much as I did but this truly crushed me.she looked so beautiful and peaceful in her little white dress with her gorgeous flower crown. Seeing her for the last time was rough but I know she’s better now, I hope she’s tearing it up in heaven just like she did here. Our little angel went home. Rest in peace my dear friend Sophia, I love you and I miss you already.

All I know is I just don’t want to slip back into this.

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